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Testimonials from Parents

"Our family couldn't be happier with Poppets.  The caring staff and nurturing environment have provided our child with a wonderful foundation for learning and growth.  Especially Dinton field, the huge park which the nursery overlooks with its windows.  On good weather days, the doors open to the field making it beautiful and the children often use it, enjoying its splendour.  Every day we see our little one excited to go to nursery, which speaks about the positive experience they're having.  We're grateful for the dedicated teachers and the supportive community at Poppets.  Highly recommended."  (June 2024)

"I researched many nurseries and pre-schools in Surbiton just before I found out that we'd have to move to Kingston.  One of the health visitors recommended Poppets to us, and I'm so grateful for the tip.  Poppets was the first place I visited where I felt that it would be good for my son to be there and not just for me.  It was one of the very few places where he could have a lot of outdoor time, which he really needs.  The flexible schedule suits us as well as I didn't want him to be away for long stretches before he's at least 3 years old.  My feeling was right and he settled in really well at Poppets.  The staff are lovely and he does many creative, fun and messy things there that are much more exciting than being at home."  (June 2024)


"Both of my children attended Poppets on a part-time basis.  They both settled in very quickly and always looked forward to a 'Poppets day!  The staff at Poppets were so caring and engaging with the children and I always knew my children felt safe whenever they attended.  The provision and activities were always well considered and linked to the stories they were focusing on.  Poppets also try hard to provide experiences for all children, from having a resident rabbit to welcoming baby ducklings and giving them their first paddle in the bath!  Thank you to the staff at Poppets, you are the BEST!"  (June 2024)


"The Poppets staff are so warm and friendly I always feel relaxed leaving my daughter in their capable hands.  My favourite thing about the nursery is how creative they are with their activities and learning.  Each week is themed and the children often come home with a fantastic creation.  There's clearly a lot of thought and effort that goes into educating and stimulating the children."  (June 2024)


"My two boys currently attend Poppets.  My 3 year old has been for over a year now and my 2 year old for five months.  In the beginning, they both suffered with separation anxiety when leaving me but that disappeared within a matter of sessions for both of them!  They absolutely love going there and now run in without looking back!  The staff are very friendly professional and approachable if there is anything bothering you.  I feel very confident in knowing that my boys are extremely well looked after when they are at nursery.  They always come out with the biggest smiles on their faces and telling me all about their day and what they have been up to with their friends.  I would highly recommend Poppets to anyone looking for a nursery for their little ones!"  (June 2024)


"Both my children attend Poppets Pre-School and are very happy there.  All the staff are amazing with the children and their activities are always special.  I feel that my eldest is very well prepared for school after attending Poppets.  I am always amazed when they come home and learned something new."  (June 2024)


"Since our child has started at Poppets, she has grown in confidence and surprises us every day with her facts on nature, her knowledge of cooking and her singing.  Poppets is a very nurturing pre-school where imagination, messy play and exploration of nature come first.  Access to Dinton Field makes for more physical activities and foraging than a regular nursery.  If you embrace the messy clothes, it certainly makes kids more inquisitive and independent!"  (June 2024)


"Poppets Pre-school has looked after my children for many years now.  Laura and the team are amazing at what they do and very professional, friendly and dedicated.  My little one is constantly telling me about her day.  The team have exposed my child to lots of activites to improve her learning like the eggs hatching, nurturing the chicks, football (we are a dominant female family) and seasonal activities.  The site is safe, stimulating (with many toys and colours) set amongst a big field with lots of greenery and provides a great space for my child to thrive.  My older children have great memories of Poppets and still remember their days there.  Thank you for being a stable part of my children's lives."  (June 2024)   

"My daughter has been at Poppets Pre-school since she was two years old and this September she will be leaving at the age of five, which I am so sad to see.  All the staff have been amazing and attentive to my daughter who has medical needs.  They are all so bubbly and welcoming, giving cuddles to the children and becoming their friends as well as their guardians.  My daughter is autistic and non-verbal.  It can be very challenging but they have been great support and helped my daughter grow in the last few years.  Teaching her Makaton sign language to help with communication as well as helping her build her confidence and motor skills.  The head of the nursery, Laura, and Leanne massively helped us apply for an EHCP.  I wouldn't have been able to do it without them.  From emails, phone calls, filling out applications and chasing things up, they were on it straight away.  They went above and beyond to be sure that my daughter and I were happy with the outcome.  I can't thank them enough."  (June 2024)  


"Our daughter, Beth, loves going to Poppets. Laura and the team run a lovely caring setting and the children participate in lots of different activities - crafts, baking etc.  The outdoor play area is a particular favourite!  I have also really noticed an improvement in Beth's writing skills and vocabulary since she started at Poppets.  Overall very happy with the setting and the care they provide."

- Beth's Mum - February 2022

"Poppets has always felt like leaving my daughter with family - they have encouraged, supported and been so much fun.  They are attentive and I feel they know my daughter as well as I do and genuinely care for her.  We have seen our daughter flourish, connect and grow here even with the upsetting disturbance of Covid.  Margot at times is quite sensitive and nervous in new situations but Poppets has helped amazingly with this and transformed her into the amazing little girl that she has become.  She has a very close bond with the Poppets staff (especially Chloe) and looks forward every day to going there.  They feel like an extended family to me and my wife and this is more than we could ever wish for at the beginning of our daughter's life journey."

- Margot's Dad - March 2022

"Katie is thoroughly enjoying her time at Poppets.  She has learnt so much and enjoys the baking and the singing.  She has come on well.  Very happy with the setting and activities."

 -Katie's Mum - March 2022

"Mabel absolutely loves Poppets.  Can't think of anything to improve on!  Please keep doing everything you are doing!"

- Mabel's Mum - March 2022

"Poppets has been a brilliant, safe and nurturing place for my two children. I always feel like I'm leaving them in a room of kindness and my children love it." 

- Max's Mum - February 2022

"Poppets has provided our son with a welcoming and educational environment, especially as it was his first experience in a nursery setting.  They provide regular feedback and have set policies to support the children with behaviour and education.  My son enjoys coming home telling me about the different activities they completed at Poppets, which often change and give them a varied and engaging education.  Poppets is a key element to the education of our young children in Kingston.  They work closely with the primary school locally which builds and excellent wraparound support for our children.  I would highly recommend.  Laura and the team are fantastic."

- Teddy J's Mum - February 2022

"We love Poppets!  My daughter (age 2.5 years) is so happy here and skips in every day.  Laura and her team work tirelessly to make sure the children are having fun as well as learning lots.  The staff are all so friendly and caring I know my daughter is absolutely in the best care and she tells me afterards what a great time she's had, so I couldn't ask for more!" 

- Mabel's Mum - February 2022

"Our second child has now attended Poppets for a few weeks and we are very happy with how quickly she has settled and enjoys her sessions.  The calm and friendly approach of the staff makes her feel instantly welcomed. Any tears at drop-off disappear quickly after cuddles and reassurances from the staff, especially Angela, Chloe, Sandra and Suzie.  Her speech has skyrocketed and she comes home with different sorts of arts and crafts, which she feels very proud of.  She has also picked up some good behaviour, saying 'thank you' and 'please' which she had vehemently refused to use before." 

- Luxmi - February 2022

"Our older daughter attended Poppets Pre-school and really enjoyed her time there, so much so that two years later our younger daughter has now started too! It is a lovely nursery, with a real family feel. The staff are warm and friendly, and everyone puts so much effort into the wide variety of activities and themes which are organised for the children. My younger daughter can be a little shy, but her key person made her feel very happy and comfortable. I have recommended Poppets to many local friends and will continue to do so."

- HB - February 2022

"Dear Laura, Angela, Chloe and the rest of the team.  I would like to thank you for making Poppets the great fun, educational and safe place, where my daughter Frankie thrives.  She was reluctant to join nursery after three years at home with me, so seeing her 'skip and hop in' in the mornings makes my heart sing.  She keeps showing us all she has learned and is even getting better at sharing her nursery hand-made biscuits with her brother.  We spend at least five minutes each morning peeking through the Poppets windows to see what is set up for her to play with that day.  And I can't forget Flopsy, Frankie's favourite bunny - she would take him home if she could!  You are doing a fantastic job while keeing the setting open during "covid times".  We are looking forward to seeing more pictures from your activities and outings!" 

- SG - February 2022

"Our little boy loves Poppets.  We were really worried about him settling in the pre-school environment as he was previously looked after by a childminder in a much smaller setting.  It took him less than two weeks to start feeling like he is a part of the Poppets family.  The staff are so attentive and we are being updated and consulted frequently.  The two resident bunnies have helped too!  Thank you Laura and the team." 

- Finn's Mum - February 2022

"All three of my children have attend​ed Poppets Pre-School. All three have thrived in their caring environment, and many of the staff have looked after my eldest through to my youngest; I think this is a great testament to their happy environment as the staff are long standing and take a real interest in the children. My daughter loves the bunny rabbits in the garden and comes home most days with pictures, baking or crafting, proud to show us what she has made. Poppets have been great at meeting all of my children's needs, which vary. I love that they take an interest in SEN, it's a very supportive and informative pre-school. I'll be sad to wave goodbye to Poppets when my youngest moves up into school."

- PS - June 2021

"Margot loves seeing the chicks hatch, painting and playing with her friends.  Margot likes reading the books, especially with Chloe."

- Margot's Mum - June 2021

"Our daughter has loved her time at Poppets, whether it's baking, stroking the bunnies or playing in the fairy den.  The staff are so caring and kind and really understand toddlers.  We love it."

- Edith's Mum - June 2021

"Really friendly team.  I think the children feel really nurtured.  So many fun activities and we all love the baking that comes home.  We are so happy and grateful for Team Poppets." 

- Max and Barnaby's Mum - June 2021

"Xander loves the creative activities geared towards SEND children.  Honestly, from a personal perspective it is wonderful that Poppets are as excited as I am about Xander's achievements, no matter how small! Paticularly for Xander, Poppets is just incredible.  The staff really understand the children and take the time to learn about them, their ways and how to best support them.  In such a disruptive and distressing year for many, Poppets continued (and never ever faultered) on the incredible care and spport for Xander (and us!)"

- Xander's Mum - June 2021

"Annabel loves all of the different things / experiences she gets through Poppets.  The encouraging, supporting, nurturing nature and environment allows Annabel to really thrive and develop in her own way."

- Annabel's Mum - June 2021

"We are very pleased with this nursery setting.  Laura and her team at Poppets are very caring and nurturing all the children seem very happy.  We were not sure to move our child, who has speech and general delay, from his previous setting at first, but really glad we did.  He always seems content at pick up and seems to be making good progress with his development."

​ HS - June 2021

"Gabi has been over a month now at Poppets.  We love how the staff helped to make his settling in smooth. Gabi loves making all sorts of little cakes and cooking.  The setting is perfect with the outside play area.  Little pets to care for and learning made fun.  We look forward to exploring more fun activities with the lovely staff at Poppets!  Thank you Laura, Chloe, Angela and Natalie." 

- Gabi's Mum - June 2021

" My son has been attending Poppets since he was two and will do until he goes to Reception.  Poppets provides a loving, energetic and varied environment where my son is flourishing in all areas of his development, at his own pace.  The staff have developed a kind and positive relationship with him and have really encouraged his confidence and independence away from home. They regularly feed back to us and share information at drop offs and pick ups.  There's a strong family feel here and we feel so lucky to have this wonderful and supportive preschool on our doorstep."

- Ralph's Mum - June 2021

"I just have to thank you for the patience and kindness you all had with my Lorenzo.  You were very important in this phase of his life, I only have praise for you all because thanks to you he has developed well and now he is prepared to continue in his new phase."

- Lorenzo's Mum - July 2019

"Tara says she loves drawing, painting and eating food at Poppets.  As parents, we are very happy with Poppets as our little one looks forward to going and is happy when she returns home.  As working parents, there isn't much more that we can ask than to see her happy and having fun when we are unable to be around."

- Nakshatra - July 2019

"Both of my sons have attended Poppets and loved it.  The setting is perfect with a large garden and lots of toys.  We have found the staff to be very caring and retention rates are fantastic so there is little / no staff turnover meaning consistency for the children.  In particular, Beth, Ben and Angela always greet us ith a smile and genuine care and interest at the door.  Love it!"

- James's Mum - July 2019

"Thank you very much for looking after Owin.  He has improved so much by coming to Poppets.  He is more independent, eating has improved, talks more and he has learnt so many new things.  Special thanks to Laura for sorting out extra funding for Owin and to Angela for caring for him throughout the whole year!  She is very kind and truly cares about children. I wish Poppets and the team all the very best in the coming year. " 

- Owin's Mum - July 2019

"Having had two very different children attend Poppets, I can safely say that they tailor to each child's needs.  The staff really get to know your children and encourage the to develop in their own way and at their own pace.  Most of all Poppets is a fun, friendly and safe place for children to develop and achieve."

- Emily's Mum - July 2019

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