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Poppets Address

Dinton Pavilion

St Agatha's Drive




Poppets Pre-School

Poppets Pre-School opened in January 2009 and is situated on Dinton Field, next to St Agatha's School and behind Latchmere School. This setting has sessions running both in the morning (9am to 12noon) and afternoon (1pm to 4pm), Monday to Friday. We are also able to offer Lunchtime Club and nursery pick ups / drop offs.

Laura Phillips is the Manager and is supported by Angela Beazley-Long and Ella Beeler, who are Deputy Managers.

Poppets is the first Pre-School to have opened in Dinton Field Pavillion and over time the setting has evolved. Shortly after opening we received a grant that enabled us to build a new cloakroom and toilet area for the children. At that point we also redesigned the garden and more recently have astroturfed the grassed area.

We provide a wide range of stimulating, fun and educational activities including:-

  • Story and Song Time
  • Creative Activities
  • Construction
  • Home Corner
  • Messy Activities
  • Cooking
  • Water and Sand Play
  • Small World Play
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Early Literacy and Maths Skills
  • Daily Outdoor Play
and much more.  In the past we have had a visit from an animal farm and also hatched chicks.

At Poppets, we believe outdoor play is vital. We are fortunate enough to have a large outdoor play area at the rear of the building as well as use of the extensive field at the front which we use for games, nature walks, picnics and our sports day. In 2021, we added an enclosed garden area at the front of the building giving children the opportunity to free-flo play during the warmer months. 

Our last Ofsted visit was conducted on 29th November 2022.

To view the full report please use the link.

Here are a few extracts from report : -

  • An ambitious communication and language programme is embedded in the curriculum.  
  • Children make good progress, bridging gaps in learning.
  • Staff create an environment rich in language, introducing new vocabulary through the weekly word bank.
  • The manager and staff work in close partnership with parents and other professionals to support children with SEND.
  • Children are curious and interested as they enjoy exploring their environment.
  • Children's independence is encouraged well.
  • Staff introduce mathematical language into children's play and learning.
  • The manager and staff prioritise the use of additional funding to support children's developmental needs and reduce any differences in their learning.
  • Partnership with parents is strong.   Parents speak highly of the pre-school.  They comment that the staff are nurturing and commpassionate and that their children thrive in a save environment.
  • The manager is a very strong motivational leader.

For our fees, registration form or to contact us, please use the links.

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